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What’s RSS

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way of delivering regularly changing web content.

Mapfinder Maps content is syndicated using an RSS feed.

You can also use the Mapfinder RSS feed to automatically pull in content from this website to display on your own website.

Why to subscribe

RSS is an easy way to keep you informed about updates on Mapfinder Maps without having to continually visit the site.

How to access to the Mapfinder RSS feeds

In order to be able to access to the RSS feeds you will need an application called “feed agregator” or “feed reader”.

It can be an online application, such as Google Reader, or a desktop application installed in your computer (like Sharpreader for Windows and NetNewsWire for Mac).

If you are using a browser like Firefox or Opera you can use your browser as a Feed Reader, by clicking on the RSS link http://mapfinder.espon.eu/?feed=rss2.


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