Map Finder

The ESPON 2013 Operational Programme

How to explore a map

In the ESPON Mapfinder, there are two ways to explore a map: the “zoom/pan mode”, and the “lens mode”. The zoom map mode will allow you zoom in and out with the wheel of your mouse, or by clicking on the “+” and “-” symbols by the right left corner of the map.


Explore with a Len

If we prefer a fast approach instead of an enlarged content of the map, we can switch on the “Explore with a Len” option.

In this modality, we can just move the cursor over the map and a new window will show the enlarged content of the area that we are pointing.

We can change the resolution of the enlarged area by changing the zoom level, on the bottom of the map.

In order to come back to the regular map navigation we will click on the button on the top right border of the map:

Print a map.

By clicking on printing a map, a new window will be open. This is a print friendly layout which displays the content of the map page.

We can choose printing all the information about the map (all versions if there is more than one, texts and images), or just a partial content of it, using the options.

Download the map image

If we want to keep a copy of the map image at high quality, we can do it by clicking in “download the map” button. This will prompt a download window that allows save the image at the highest quality.

Compare versions of a map

If the map has more than one version, then we might want to explore and compare the different versions of it. By clicking in this option, we’ll be lead to the “comparison page” (see COMPARE MAPS). But in this case, instead of having the maps of our comparison list, we’ll be able to compare the different versions of the current map.

In order to go back to the original page of the map, click on “Back to the previous page” link

Enlarge the map

Sometimes we will find that the size of the map panel for navigation is too small to explore it in detail. The “enlarge map” option will show the map at greater size. This will also hide the panel with the details of the map (theme, project etc.).

In order to come back to the small size we will click on the button on the top right border of the map.


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