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The ESPON 2013 Operational Programme

Comparing maps

The ‚Äúcompare maps‚ÄĚ page is a useful tool which will allow you confront two maps and explore them simultaneously. In order to do this, access the ‚Äúcomparison‚ÄĚ page by clicking on the ‚Äúcompare‚ÄĚ button on the left sidebar, or clicking on the ‚Äúcompare maps‚ÄĚ link on the top bar menu.

Once on the ‚Äúcompare maps‚ÄĚ page, we will see a layout made up of two columns with the maps we are going to compare.

We can select the map for the chosen column by clicking on its icon or title on the bottom side of the column.


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