Map Finder

The ESPON 2013 Operational Programme

How to find your map

You can look for a map using the ÔÇťsearch widgetÔÇŁ on the left sidebar, or either selecting the keyword on the tag cloud of the home page.

The search options on the sidebar allow you to look for a map using the criteria of:

  • theme
  • project
  • programme
  • publication
  • keywords

Searching by theme and project criteria.

There is a dropdown for the theme criteria and project criteria. By selecting one of the items displayed on the dropdown, the system will display only the maps contained in the selected criteria.

If the theme or the project selected is parent of other categories or projects, then the maps contained on any of the children will be displayed.

When we look for a map, the results are shown as follow:

A short description on above will detail the correspondent search criteria. Then, we can sort the results by Title, Theme, Project, Programme or Publication.

If we want to have a different view for the results, we can change the layout settings, by clicking on the ÔÇťmosaicÔÇŁ button

In this view, we can also see a thumbnail image of the resulting maps.

By clicking on a thumbnail or title, we will access the Map Page.

Multiple selection

Sometimes you will prefer to look for maps included in more than one category or project. In that case, click on the ÔÇťclick here for multiple selectionÔÇŁ link. This will open a new window that will alow check only the themes (or projects) to be included in our search criteria. The sytem will return any map contained in at least one of the categories selected.

By closing the window, weÔÇÖll see the selected criteria listed under the dropdown. If we want to remove one of the categories (or projects) then we can click on the ÔÇťXÔÇŁ icon, on the left of the category name.

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