The comparison list

The comparison list is a list of favourite maps that can be stored in your profile (if you are registered and logged in), or saved during your session as you visit the site.

Another utility of the comparison list is to explore in couples the maps included in order to analyze their similitudes and differences. In order to do so, we will have to click on the “compare” button, on the “comparison list” widget.


On the left sidebar, the comparison list will always be visible. We can access the “comparison” maps by clicking on “compare”, as explained before.

On the top bar menu, the “Compare maps” options will lead us to the “compare maps” page too. A number between brackets inform about the number of maps included in the comparison list.


Logging in

When you log in, your saved comparison list will be automatically loaded on the “comparison list” widget on the left sidebar. If you had any other maps before on the comparison list, this list will be merged with the comparison list associated to your account.


Latest Maps

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